Dear twelve-year-old Kit,

Meet Spencer. 

You don’t know it yet, but Spencer will support you through one of the most difficult days of your life – but more on that later. After meeting one another while photographing a gay club in Los Angeles, your friendship will spark the moment your high energy levels match with one another. 

In 2016, you’ll produce a photo-series for and organization called the Trevor Project to tell a few folks’ coming out stories. Once asked, Spencer will jump at the opportunity, and tell you his unbelievable of growing up in isolation due to his adopted parent’s beliefs and Church tradition. He’ll also reveal the remarkable journey to finding his birth-father, and the love they eventually share for one another once he’s found. The level of authenticity Spencer shows you throughout this interview brings you even closer, which will undoubtedly come in handy in the days to follow. 

You see, two years ago from yesterday, a very bad man does a very bad thing. Forty-nine of your brothers and sisters will be gunned down in a gay nightclub, similar to the ones you photograph all time. You’ll hear about the news while the event unfolds, and unsurprisingly, don’t expect to get any sleep that night. The next morning, Spencer will find you. He’ll make sure you eat breakfast and walk alongside you at the Pride parade. 

Though still dazed and confused, Spencer will be there for you – he’s a true friend. Your heart will be broken, but you’ll soon recognize that your voice is not. A few hours later, for the first time, you’ll publicly recognize your place in the LGBTQ community.

More to come,
Twenty-seven-year-old Kit