“One day, while out to lunch with my mom, we happened to come across a gay couple. She looked me dead in the eye and said, ‘Please…don’t ever be gay.’ That had to be my lowest point. My upbringing - from my adopted parent’s beliefs and the Church’s traditions - forced me into isolation. It wasn’t until I began appreciating music that every new album, lyric, and beat brought me closer to myself. Knowing my adopted parents would never truly understand me, I mustered up the courage to look for my birth father. After I found him online, I was so afraid of being rejected again that it took me almost a year just to send the first message. I eventually did, and we met the very next day. I don’t think I will ever forget our first hug, or hearing he will love me no matter what. And when he told me he was a musician, I realized my love for music wasn’t by chance.”