Dear twelve-year-old Kit,

Meet Michael, he’s going to inspire you to be ecologically conscious through your work.

I don’t want to give too much away, but times are pretty complicated in 2018. Your values, loyalties, convictions – everything’s going to be tested. Whatever you understand about American politics today will eventually be turned on its head. And although it hurts you, it’s doesn’t compare to the pain felt by your fellow countrymen who are under direct attack from our current administration.

Here’s where Michael comes in. Though attending the same elementary school, you won’t become friends until years later. Through a string of connections, he’ll be introduced to you as someone who’s not only part of the LGBTQ community, but his passion for fashion. While in college, Michael’s will start a clothing line that disrupts fashion industry standards through a fairly simple idea – his clothes are produced exclusively from waste so he doesn’t create any. How cool?

Nowadays, America throws away 14.6 million tons of clothing per year, so Michael’s tackling it head on. He understands the value in creating beautiful clothing that also maintains our planet’s beauty. It may not be everyone’s priority, but it is to Michael. And that’s what counts. If everyone left the hard issues to be dealt with by someone else, nothing would get done.
Upon learning about Michael’s conviction to create and inspire an end fashion’s mass waste, you’ll begin searching for what matters to you. It’ll take a little soul searching, but it eventually lands on social justice and environmental change. And in a matter of no time, you’ll begin supporting NGO’s across the country through your photo and print work, document important events, and even produce a few photo series like this one.

Michael’s going to inspire you to never cut corners in your conviction – not for a buck or otherwise. It’s through these simple ideas and incremental action that you’ll move the needle in the right direction. Never forget, these moments you capture with your camera, they matter. The people they help, they matter. Your friendship with Michael, that matters.

More to come,
Twenty-seven-year-old Kit