Dear twelve-year-old Kit,

It’s a Sunday, which means you’re probably at Dad’s house. Since he left the equestrian world, you’ve developed a pretty traditional father-son routine, like Boy Scouts and Great Grandma visits. It’s nice, but you’re used to having adventures with Mom and Dad, not traditional stuff. That’s why you get bored pretty easily - you know like there’s more to this cookie cutter routine with him. But stick it out just a little while longer – because Dad’s about to take you on the adventure of a lifetime. 

He hasn’t told you yet, but Dad used to race bikes as a kid. So when he finds out the Junior World Champs are coming to town, he’ll obviously go watch. Invigorated from the experience, he’ll get back on the bike – and even introduce it to you as well. I still laugh at the fact that you’re telling people you hate sports – because boy do I have news for you. You’re going to be a professional athlete. I’m talking traveling the world, racing for #TeamUSA, break national records - all because of Dad. 

You’ll also discover that he’s the proudest father in all of sport. Like, most people you meet will tell you how proud Dad is of you. I know you’ve seen Mom go toe-to-toe with countless doctors to defend you through the ADHD diagnosis – just wait till you see what Dad does in cycling. He’s a legend. 

And I think that’s one of the bigger fears you’ll have about coming out - you’re afraid of losing that proud father. As sly as you’ll be hiding your true self, he will eventually find out. Unsurprisingly, the following day’s family meeting will be kicked off in classic Dad style, “I love you, son.” The day you come out to the world, it’ll be a deeply somber one in the LGBTQ community. And when Dad calls to ask how you are, he’ll hear the pain in his son’s voice. A few minutes later, he’ll text you to meet him outside one of the gay bars next to the Pride Parade. You’ll turn the corner, and there he’ll be (just like always), waiting to hug you and tell you how truly PROUD he is of you. See - he’s pretty cool, right?

Make sure to wish the old man a Happy Father’s Day for me. You’re lucky to have him.

More to come,
Twenty-seven-year-old Kit